They are trying to kill me off

The US government has some reason for wanting to kill off segments of the population that somehow don’t serve their purposes. I can only imagine the reasons why.

I have personally been drawing social security since 2001. I also get section 8 to help me pay my rent and also get medicaid. Back in 2001 when I applied for what is called medical assistance in my state (medicaid) they tried to talk me into paying even more per month by getting medicare. There are three parts to medicare – Parts A, B and D (no clue what happened to C). “A” is hospitalization. “B” is all other medical care, and D is prescription drug coverage.

Part B is the one that costs. I already pay a monthly premium for the medicaid I get and not only couldn’t afford to pay for more medical coverage but didn’t see a point to it, so I turned them down.

My yearly recertification for medicaid came around this year and, as in all years previous to this one, I sent the required form and proofs in, they sent me their form rejection letter AFTER I sent in my stuff, I called them and they told me everything was fine, they had received my stuff.

Then I get another letter – pre-dating that phone conversation telling me that since I “turned down” medicare, they were now going to CUT OFF my medicaid – no more health insurance.

I received yet another letter yesterday telling me that my health insurance will end at the end of May (this month).

I made several phone calls this morning over the course of about 4 hours (mostly hold time) only to find out not much of anything other than that medicaid wants a letter from social security telling them that the “open enrollment” for medicare is January 1 through March 31 every year… I was past ‘enrollment’ time and would have to wait until next year. You see medicaid didn’t believe me when I told them that’s what social security told me.

So what the fuck do I do for the 7 remaining months of this year? Someone tried to explain – unsuccessfully – that Somehow Something would help me pay those extra premiums. They weren’t at all clear which tells me that it was a line of bullshit.

This is the ‘slow kill’. I have COPD – which needs medication Daily – and rheumatoid arthritis – which also needs regular medication. BOTH of those could kill me.

The reason I think the government is trying to kill me off is because they have tried pulling the “you need to have Part B” a couple of times over the years, but I still ended up keeping my medicaid and NOT getting Part B.

Given the fact that the “health” care companies report to the government, the government is, at some level, aware of what’s wrong with me. It isn’t bad enough that the ‘raises’ I get in social security never amount to much more that $25 – if I get anything. My rent is going up this year by nearly $60. My medicaid Would have gone up by $65 (these are monthly numbers), and everything else just keeps going up too and I have no money to pay for these things.

I may as well drink myself to death because it would be about as long and painful as all the other options.

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