Déjà vu of the Weird kind

I just had one… Déjà vu! Yes, it was weird. I was just sitting at my desk, being snarky to someone in my imagination (Oh c’mon! You’ve Never talked to yourself?!!) and mentioned “high school” when I had a sudden ‘recollection’ that I’d somehow had to go to school – K-12 – before I would be accepted into college. This was weird because, in this déjà vu (or dream?) I managed to do this in the Few Months before I actually started college. Except that I didn’t…

I have well detailed recollections (déjà vu’s) of doing each and every grade, all the assignments, sitting in each class and somehow Not feeling like the odd-woman-out because of my age. In real life, I was in my 40s when I started college. In this déjà vu, meither students nor teachers treated me any different than any of the other students.

As far as I can recall, this was probably the recollection of a dream I had a few years ago, though it sure did feel like a déjà vu!

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