Hi there!

You already have my name. My screen name – Akashawolf – came from an old Yahoo email group based on the book Women Who Run With the Wolves. It was a discussion board mostly about the book and as such, we were encouraged to make up our own “wolfie” names. Obviously the first part came from the movie Queen of the Damned.

I am a 60-something single woman living on disability, but working part time as a professional writing tutor.

I graduated with my BA in Technical Communications (writing) in 2015…this after 17 years in college. I planned it that way, though I didn’t really think I would be THAT old when I graduated. Oh well! I just wanted to do well so I only took 2 classes in any given semester and avoided summer classes like the plague.

I’ve been in therapy since the early 90s, including several hospitalizations. Yeah… the ‘lock-u-up’ kind of hospital. I took a lot of abuse from some bosses I had at a job for Hennepin County. Warning: If you have a ‘delicate’ disposition, don’t work for the government! Anyway, here I am, 18 years later, surviving. It was touch and go for a while.

I’ll talk more about all of this in later posts. For now, signing off!


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